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Precision Healthcare Marketing

Find, target and engage with your ideal patient and healthcare provider audiences

Through powerful, patented, privacy-safe AI, Swoop builds ideal custom DTC and HCP audiences for pharmaceutical and life sciences marketers to activate across any channel while its conversational AI allows brands to better engage with customers on their website, delivering unique intelligence that helps optimize future marketing strategy.


Typical Client Results with Swoop Audiences

24%: A custom Swoop audience segment was executed across a leading MVPD's inventory leading to a 24% increase in brand conversion.

60%: Swoop helped a leading biotech reach people with MS on Meta, driving a 60% more efficient CPC and a 44% higher CTR.

20%: A top pharma brand activated a Swoop audience on CTV leading to 20% of likely patients scheduling an appointment with their HCP

13x: Swoop helped a top medical device company drive a 13:1 return on marketing investment within three months of activating an audience with a cardiology condition


Typical Client Results with Swoop Conversational AI

800%: A top three pharma DTC agent saw website visitors taking 800% more high value activity once the agent was deployed

5.2M: A top 15 pharma company saw conversations last an average of 5.2 minutes after launching across multiple brands

96.5%: A top ten pharma manufacturer was able to answer 96.5% of HCP questions through the agent without need of escalation

65%: After a top 20 pharma brand launched their agent, 65% of HCP inquiries were conducted after normal call center hours